Aug 31, 2014

My First Blah!!!

“You must write Didi” said my brother Shashank. He was at my place a few days back, visiting from Pune, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. “But I am so busy bhai” I told him. He was here for just a day but kept repeating the same words. “I will try for sure”- I had to say when he was leaving. And a week later, I find myself hitting the keyboard in frenzy!

With two kids, a businessman husband who has no fixed working hours and a home to take care of, and a bit of content writing as well, my hands are really full. And yes, my kids are the sunshine of my life, yet I still feel need to have a niche for myself – where I can say things that come to my mind without the fear of setting the wrong example or of being judged or ridiculed. So today the 16th of August, a day after our Independence Day, I am trying to find some independence for myself!

A tiny slot of time for myself, doing something I love- playing with words, pondering over events and ideas, weaving some dreams, putting thoughts into words and coming up with ways to accomplish my dreams- all of this has brought me here- to the huge world of blogosphere. I hope I will be able to connect with like-minded people, proceed a few steps towards my dream, find suggestions and help on the way and make some friends, too!

And it is not as if I don’t write - a content writer, I have written for many travel firms, healthcare organizations, food and fashion related stuff and a lot more. Sadly, all of it has been ghost writing. Though I get paid for writing all that stuff, none of it is credited to me. The craving to see my name somewhere, to have a teeny-weeny sense of accomplishment even if there isn’t much money in it, and also my brother’s encouragement has led me to write my first blog post today.

The one thing that haunted me was- what should I write about? I am not the perfect housekeeper or the best cook or the geek or the fashionista or the been-there-done-that traveler, but I do have a lot to share. I regularly read a lot of blogs and some were particularly inspiring- I will mention them soon! What they made me realize is that blogging is a great way to connect, share and learn; to become a better person and a more successful individual, too. So I gathered some courage and took the plunge!


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