Sep 29, 2014

Ghost Uncle????

I lived in Kolkata for a few years after I passed 12th from my home town Haldia. I pursued my graduation and post graduation courses in Kolkata while staying as a Paying Guest with a bunch of other girls.

We were about 7 of us, and shared a huge flat with an old aunty. Her husband had passed away some years ago and she was happy to have some noise at home and took good care of us.There was a cook and two maids also. So we basically did not do much except attend college/ tuitions and then chat and giggle rest of the time. But we were in for some crazy experiences soon!

One of the rooms had a double bed and a single bed placed a little far. It so happened that once we ended up chatting up till quite late into the night and the girls from other room were also with us. So instead of them going back and making noise and waking up aunty, we thought we would join the beds and all of us would manage to sleep there only. And we did just that.

After an hour or so, we heard some thumping noise, as if someone was at first stuck and then was walking on the bed- the free space was blocked by the bed, after all. And we were all so scared, we did not sleep for the rest of the night! However, in the morning, we decided to forget about it.

But after that, small incidents kept occurring every now and then- like I felt someone breathing heavily while I was sitting quietly and studying one afternoon. Another time, one of the girls opened the wardrobe to take some clothes and fell back suddenly- she said she felt someone push her. Two of us also felt our arms removed from our faces when we covered our faces with our arms while sleeping.

We could not take this anymore. We asked Aunty's old maid about these scary incidents and she told us that Aunty loved Uncle a lot....maybe he came to visit her, but in some 'other form'. 'But why does he come to our room?' we asked. 'It was his room' she said. And that scared the lights out of us!

Some of us moved to other places soon after the incident while some girls continued staying there only. We met quite often and they told us about new happenings at that place very often. However, I am glad I didn't stay there for long!

This is my experience for Indispire topic - Have you seen a ghost? I am sure you also have an experience to share!

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