Nov 12, 2014

A Jhadoo for the Mind

PM Narendra Modi's Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan is commendable and thankfully, has met with a good response from many parts of the society. There is a lot to be done to clean up our country. And hopefully, we citizens will be able to unite and work in the direction with sincerety.

Though it is a mammoth task, it is not unachievable. United efforts of one billion plus Indians can do it. What seems unachievable, though, is cleaning up of the mentality and mental makeup of the Indian male. The Indian male really needs to spruce up himself. Right from irritating habits like peeing in the open and spitting just anywhere, to shameful acts like leering at every passing girl, to horrendous crimes like raping a two-year old, the Indian male is doing it all, uanbashedly. And there seems to be no solution for this.

Every average Indian male is the most protective father, brother, cousin,boyfriend, husband and son for his daughter, sister, cousin, girlfriend, wife and mother. But the rising number of sexual abuse and sexaul crimes contradicts the image and perecption- after all these offenders are also fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

Some mindless people point out that women should dress and behave in a certain manner so that men are not provocated to make sexual advances towards them. But how provocative can a little two year and five year old girl be? Are these men provocated or are they sick?

Is there a jhadoo that can clean up the mind of the Indian male? So that he minds his own business instead of policing women about what they should wear, how they should behave and what time they should go out?

Is there a jhadoo that can clean the minds of these psychopaths who scar the chidlhood of a toddler who doesn't even understand what is being done to her? Is there a jhadoo that can clean the fear off the minds of mothers like me who worry and pray for their children's safety everyday? I wish there was....


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