Aug 30, 2014

Not Just A Pretty Face!

We all remember how we laughed till it hurt when Alia Bhatt said that Prithviraj Chauhan was the President of India some time ago on Koffee with Karan. Although Varun Dhawan, her co-star from Student of the Year, also gave a wrong answer to the same question, he was forgiven (whatever the reasons!). Since then, Alia Bhatt has been the butt of countless jokes and memes making fun of her intellectual prowess, or the lack of it.

But the pretty young lady has not only taken it all her stride, but also gone ahead and paid us back in our own coin! You should know; if you have seen the video called Genius of the Year- it is the latest video to go viral. It shows Alia Bhatt training at (very aptly named) ‘Dumb Belle Mental Gym’ and transforming into a genius, after which she appears on the show again and answers the most complex questions easily. In fact, she knows a lot more that the host Karan Johar himself and has some advice for him as well!

Now all the Alia haters can give their Alia-is-so-dumb jokes a decent burial and acknowledge that this young woman is not just a pretty face; she has brains and even the courage to take all the unkind stuff written and posted about her on social networking sites sportingly. In fact, this video is ample proof of her coolness quotient.

And of course, Karan Johar, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor also deserve a round of applause for their part in the video.


However, Alia is not the first one to do a spoof on herself- Alok Nath, whose ‘sanskari babuji’ image earned him a lot of jokes, was also part of such a video. It showed him wearing some real cool hip-hop style clothes and crooning ‘yo baby yo honey do you know who’s the bauji?’, which was really hilarious!


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